Still Life number three is inspired by the beauty of objects that are modest and humble, yet moving and personable.
This collection is created from the gathering of found objects and art, as well as the design of utilitarian everyday objects.
I really wanted to tell a story about curated elements for our homes; my color palette is based on warm wood tones, organic textures, clean forms and inspiring imagery.
SLNO3: wear it, use it, enjoy it!


Giorgio Morandi is one of the greatest painter-poets of the twentieth century. He was born in Bologna, Italy in 1890.
Morandi is best known for his groupings of bottles, vases and bowls on simple two toned canvas backgrounds.
His work is a meditation on balance and simplicity; a reflection on the study of form, content and intentional object placement. His art tells a story in which an object is part of its surroundings and never repetitive. Each composition is a  performance with an emphasis on shapes, materials, nuances of light.

NO. 3

Number three represents balance in the constant game of comparing and contrasting.
3 is the beginning of my story, my lucky number, the fulfillment of minimalism.



Collections and Found Objects

I strive to find unique and inspiring pieces to add to your personal collection. Each piece has a story to tell and
a new home to go to.


Art is carefully curated, either found or made specifically for Still Life No. 3.
Copyright: Please be advised that only some of the art is copyright free. Check individual pieces for specifications.
slno3 is not responsible for any misuse of the art.


Ethnicity goes along with antiquity. 
Each necklace is made with tribal beads that I gather from a wonderful man who travels to and from Africa a few times a year.
The rest of the collection is one of a kind pieces that I source on my whereabouts.
The materials used in the jewelry collection are: silver, brass, bronze, copper, white metal, glass, amber, copal, bone, coral.
Make sure to read the description for each piece if you have any allergies to these materials.


I will present a different ceramists every time the website is refreshed, in order to provide a diversity of artists.
You can select individual pieces  from  the collection until the collection is sold out. Each piece is one of a kind, hand created and locally made in the Bay Area, CA.


Wearable textiles and accessories are made from a mixture of vintage and new fabrics.
The vests are inspired by articles of clothing that I have been wearing for decades. They are offered in both vintage french linens and new materials. Vests are made to order.
My pillows are custom sewn with beautiful textiles from Mali. They are one of a kind.
The aprons are designed to better serve work in the kitchen or art/ workshop studio. They are made to order and are available in vintage or new fabric and denim. Each apron has a system of pockets in different widths for your working accessories.

1. a collection

1. a collection

2. a piece of art

2. a piece of art

3. a vest detail

3. a vest detail